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Strategies To Influence Buying Teams

net-new sales Apr 15, 2020

If your company sells in the B2B space, chances are you sell to buying teams. Research in The Challenger Customer revealed that on average, there are over 6 people involved in a B2B buying decision.

When I started selling office technology in 1993, we were trained to go to the top-level decision-maker. Typically, the company owner would meet with me. At the very end, he or she would sign the order and then walk me over to the CFO’s office and instruct them to issue me a check or sign a lease.

Over the past 25 years, the landscape has evolved. In The Challenger Sale, Brent Adamson and Matthew Dixon call this “the rise of the consensus sale.” These days companies are more risk-averse. Thus, the more people involved in the decision, the less risk.

Many B2B companies also offer more complex solutions than they did 25 years ago. In my case, 25 years ago I sold copiers and fax machines that we rolled into someone's office. Over the past few decades, these systems are now...

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The Three Overlooked P's of Sales Prospecting

Jeb Blount, the author of Fanatical Prospecting, famously said the number one reason for empty pipelines is “failure to prospect.” While prospecting has always been important, in today's challenging market, prospecting is more important than ever.

When it comes to prospecting, most sales leaders focus on activity, insisting that their sales reps make more calls. While activity is critical, there are three important things to consider when building out a prospecting program that drives revenue growth: priorities, process, and practice.

Priorities: Focus On Ideal Clients

If you do not tell your sales team who to pursue, they will typically go after the easiest targets. Most of the time, these are not your ideal clients. 

Ideal clients are companies that are a perfect fit for your organization. They value what you do. They have the potential to buy all of the products and services you offer, not just one. You enjoy working with them. They are loyal.

Ideal clients...

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Should We Do Inbound Marketing or Outbound Prospecting? Yes!

If you want to grow net-new business, your Revenue Growth Engine needs to be fine-tuned to attract and create new clients. To do this, you need to consider the two types of prospects: buyers who are actively looking and people who are not.

Buyers who are actively looking have felt needs. They have a problem that needs to be solved. You need to make sure that when they look for a solution that they find your company online. Once they find your company, you need to be able to convert that visitor to a sales opportunity. We’ll explore this in the chapter on inbound marketing.

For every buyer that is actively looking for what you sell, there are many who are not actively looking. It doesn’t mean that they couldn’t benefit from the outcomes your products and services deliver. In fact, many of these companies have latent needs, problems that lie below the surface that if solved, would make their lives a lot better. To grow revenue with these buyers you need salespeople...

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